About Nudge Foundation

As an independent, non-partisan charity, Nudge Foundation provides direct support through making grants available to individuals and organisations committed to furthering community cohesion and the prevention of social exclusion. 

The Foundation is primarily supported by Nudge Factory, through the donation of 2.5% of its annual declared profit and the shared use of its staff and facilities, at no cost to the foundation. Nudge Foundation is overseen by a board of dedicated and independent trustees and supported by a number of voluntary staff to achieve the charitable mission.

Our Trustees

Nudge Foundation is an independent charity managed by a board of trustees. The board is constituted by a majority of external independent trustees with two appointed trustees from Nudge Factory. The board is chaired by an independent trustee.

Ahzaz Chowdhury

Company Appointed Trustee

Ben Scully

Treasurer and Independent Trustee

Kam Desai

Independent Trustee

Emma Scully

Secretary and Company Appointed Trustee

Barry Russell

Chair and Independent Trustee

Mark Watson

Independent Trustee